Pressure Cleaning

Whether you call it pressure cleaning or pressure washing TUF Cleaning has you covered. We provide hot pressure washing, cold pressure washing, and chemical soft wash for your delicate surfaces. We do commercial and residential locations. Large buildings, gas stations, restaurants, parking lots, houses, driveways, and fences. If you have stamped concrete, decorative concrete, or brick pavers we can restore them to like new.

Soft wash is a process where we use a low pressure sprayer to apply chemicals to an area that may be damaged by high pressure. The chemicals help to kill fungus and mold growth on a surface while at the same time loosen dirt from the surface. After the chemicals have had enough time to do their job, we then will either use a very low pressure to clean the remaining dirt or simply rinse the surface clean with a garden hose.

High pressure washing can be done hot or cold and the job will dictate the temperature.
For example if we are cleaning a driveway or facility that has a lot of oil on it, the hotter we can get the machine the better. The same for a sidewalk in front of a movie theater that is full of gum, heat is great. However, a concrete surface or driveway that has no oil but lots of algae and fungus growth, treating it with chemicals and pressure cleaning it without heat will leave the surface cleaner and brighter for much longer.

When it comes to decorative surfaces, there are a lot of variables as far as what needs to be done to make them look beautiful again. Some jobs are a simple clean and reseal. Some jobs need a full restoration. Restoring decorative concrete can require any number of chemicals, heat, pressure, staining or just applying some pigment. But rest assured if it can be restored, TUF Cleaning has the knowledge and experience to provide the solution.

At the end of any pressure cleaning job, we strongly encourage a sealer. Sealing is not just to keep your surface clean for a little while longer, sealer protects you surface from weathering and erosion. A concrete driveway cleaned and sealed every two years will still be in great shape in twenty years. On the other hand, a driveway cleaned once a year but never sealed will be eroded in twenty years and need replacing. The sealers we use are commercial grade and will stand the test of time. We have two part urethane based sealers and single part acrylic based sealers. The sealing can be done the same day as the Pressure cleaning and can be driven on within hours. They are the best way to protect your investment.